This is a " Game Changer "


" After King of The Air I went completely on a coaching binge! With this new style of interactive coaching on the water I’ve been in demand and so I thought ‘Why not coach as many people as possible! ‘ 10 Sessions later and with many personal bests achieved on the WOO sports device I am very happy with how these sessions are going. 

Using the BbTALKIN headsets I reckon I can offer 5 times the amount of coaching within an hour compared to the old ‘Shout at the student’ technique. 

If you are a Kitesurfing School and thinking of using these devices I could not recommend them more, feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Thanks everyone that’s taken part and I look forwards to working with you again! Fancy some coaching? Just drop me a line! "

Lewis Crathern | Pro Kiteboarder & Coach

" I’ve been teaching Kitesurfing for almost 20 years now.

I used to have to shout and would often come home with a headache. I teach off a boat and I can tell you one thing the range is very good, not only can they hear my instruction crystal clear but they can also talk back to me and ask me questions. 

The first time I use them, the results were immediate. The students comfort level went sky high as well for me, also I think it’s much safer be able talk on demand with extreme sport like this.

Even when it’s windy, it’s almost like you’re in an IMAX theater, now I don’t know how I did it for all these years without it.

BbTALKIN, is a great product thanks guys. " 

Ty Luckett | Kite-Hatteras | Kiteboard Instructor

" I have two words for you – “bloody brilliant”!

I’ve at last just done my first lesson with the bluetooth headsets …a ‘one to one’ with a guy who had never even flown power kites on a bar before and I had him up and riding 200m in 3 hours!

The BbTALKIN systems were fantastic! I could talk to him as he was returning to me after a body drag or a run, which made so much more use of our time instead of me waiting for him to get back to me and then tell him what I thought of what he had done. When he was up and riding it was so easy to calmly tell him what to do and I could even chat to him when I had to go back to the van to get another board which was a good +-400m away with crystal sound quality…it was super clear and no crackling at all. It is going to make a huge difference to my lessons.

All in all though I am really impressed with the actual bluetooth units and I know it’s going to make a big difference for me. "

Lawrence Smith (Loz) | Pro Kitesurfer & Instructor

" I was incredibly impressed by the BbTALKIN system.

In fact they are so good, it's now hard to imagine having a lesson without them! 

The beauty of them is that the instructor can instruct you the entire time even if you are 500 meters away from each other. This enables him to give you real-time feedback whilst you are riding! 

He can also demonstrate manoeuvres and skills himself, whilst explaining what he is doing …as he does it.

No more shouting and straining to hear what each other is saying over the sound of waves and wind or at distance. Using the BbTALKIN is both natural and incredibly reassuring, aiding progress exponentially. 

These things are sure to revolutionise the way this sport, amongst others are taught. "

Casey Antwls | Student

Why schools should use BbTALKIN?