BbCAM App for Vloggers and Videographers

Now you can record professional videos and vlogs with the BbCam App (Free) on Android and IOS! 

Just connect your BbRadio or BbTALKIN ADVANCE Unit (with Accessory) to the App and start recording professional video content.

You can also use the Multi Connector to connect your BbTALKIN Advance Unit to an Audio Recorder if you need the Microphone Audio to be recorded separately.

There are also Lapel microphone accessories.

Go to our Contact Us page if you'd like to discuss the options.

Here is a video to explain:

Bluetooth Units

  • BbRadio (Less than 100m range) 
  • BbTalkin ADVANCE with Headset (Up to 1.5km range)
  • BbTalkin Accessories