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A01R: ADVANCE Main Unit

A01R: ADVANCE Main Unit

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The Advance Unit has built-in long-range Bluetooth for real-time communication.  The Advance Unit’s key features are Intercall, Handsfree and Music Play. When in the waterproof case, it is 100% waterproof. The Advance Unit is the first ever waterproof equipment with the ability to live stream. You can pair 2, 3 or 4 people for real-time talk using the Advance Unit. Our BbTALKIN head accessories accompany the Advance Units which provides the microphone and speaker for communication. We offer both 100% waterproof and non-waterproof head accessories to go with your Advance Units.


Intercall talk time: 10 hours
Charge time: 2.5 hours
Weight: 62 g
Range: 1 mile
Waterproof: IPX 7
*must be in the waterproof case


Cable: Micro USB
AC Adapter less than 5V. 

* Do not use higher than 5V or this will damage the IC unit and void warranty. Please make sure the device is completely dry before charging.


  • Connect 2, 3 or 4 people for Real Time communication.
  • Pair with Smart Phone to take phone calls or listen to music
  • Volume control with (+) and (-) buttons for volume located at the top of the unit.  Mute capabilities
  • Bluetooth directly to your phone, utilize the BbCAM App  to record live (Free App from BbTALKIN USA)
  • Bluetooth directly to your phone and FaceTime video live to anywhere in the World = must have 4G/LTE
  • Advance can pair to Garmin ® Action Cameras and can stream the voices of 3 people live while recording
  • Bluetooth a phone call into your 2 or 3 way communication.  Everyone can hear each other talking; the distant phone user and all the users who are paired together with the BbTALKIN units.

These live features expand the ability to share media instantly.  You can show your family or friends your new tricks, live, without them having to be there.  You can instantly review your own sessions on site, review, then implement changes and improvements to your session.

With our latest update, just released in October 2018, you can update your Advance Unit’s firmware software to connect 5-6 people.  Distance is limited when connecting 5-6 people.  Please read the firmware update carefully.


  • The easy pairing app is currently under development.  It is scheduled to be released Summer 2018.  This will also allow you to make any updates to your Advance Units previously purchased easily through the app.
  • Auto Connect:  If one unit goes out of range, the other units stay connected and when the one unit comes back in, it automatically re-connects.


If you already have our Main or Master Units, the amazing benefit is the Advance Unit is compatible with all our existing products.  Each and every head accessory and prior model units work with the Advance Unit.  The Advance Unit is now our only available unit to purchase with the Main and Master Units no longer for sale.

The Advance is compatible with all previous Main and Master Unit models from 2015-2018 (A01, A02, A01M).  When pairing the new Advance to your existing products, you will still benefit from the amazing new features the Advance offers. 


Each Advance Unit ordered come with:

x1: Waterproof case

x1: Helmet mount

x1: Hat/Goggle mount

x1: 3M adhesive

x1: Charging cable

x1: Alcohol prep