Andrew Bourne

Andrew Bourne

Andrew Bourne is the managing director of Bourne Holdings and has been in sales & marketing since 2005. 

Amongst his many talents, Andrew excels at the sport of wakeboarding. He represented South Africa in the 2004 World Wakeboard Championships in Seville, Spain and placed 19th in the Junior Men's division. He placed 2nd in the Pro Men's division at the 2015 South African Wakeboarding Championships. In his spare time Andrew offers wakeboarding coaching under the business name Bourne2Ride as well as advanced trampoline coaching at Rush Trampoline Park in Claremont, Cape Town.

Andrew is extremely talented and has a passion for success. He and his team are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of their clients as well as building lifelong relationships with business partners. Andrew is a highly respected businessman and is the managing partner of the Southern Suburbs office for Realtor of Excellence.

He has recently been chosen to join Pride Factor as an inspirational speaker to inspire the youth of South Africa.



" Andrew Bourne is, Bourne2Ride. He is a modern day cowboy who believes in his trade, a pioneer in South Africa. He is a great contributor toward the sport of wakeboarding and is responsible for everything from development, coaching, media exposure, innovating and leading the way in the South African Wakeboard fraternity. His dedication and passion for the sport has forged a lifestyle that oozes awesomeness and a commitment to excellence. Andrew has earned the respect of his competitors, friends and peers alike. He is a true representative of his brand and serves as a living extension thereof, his commitment and loyalty is commendable, his ability desirable and his demeanor admirable. I stand by Andrew Bourne and as a brand we are proud to be associated with him. " 

Nick French | Marketing Manager |


Wakeboarding Achievements

2015 - 2nd Place - South African Wakeboard National Championships

2012 - 3rd Place - South African Wakeboard National Championships

2010 – 3rd Place - All-African Games in Windhoek, Namibia (Televised on SuperSport)

2010 – 1st Place - LOADED Wakeboard Jam on Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town

2009 – 4th Place Pro Men Division - SA Champs at RAC (Televised on SuperSport)

2008 – Injured for the 2008 SA Pro Wakeboard Tour season

2007 – 5th Place Pro Men Division - SA Champs at RAC (Televised on SuperSport)

2007 – Ranked 1st in the Western Cape (Televised on SuperSport)

2007 – 1st Place Big Air Daytona Invitational (Televised on SuperSport)

2006 – Ranked 1st in the Western Cape

2005 – 1st Place Open Men Division - South African National Championships

2005 – Ranked 1st in the Western Cape

2004 – 19th Place Junior Men Division - World Wakeboard Championships in Spain.